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IBM WebSphere Portal 8 - Advanced Portlet Development

Course Descripiton

This course is targetted towards advanced developers to exploit IBM WebSphere Portal extended APIs. This course includes hands-on labs and provides samples that are advanced level. This course can be scheduled and personalized on a case-by-case basis.
This course is an extension of the course - JSR 286 Portlet Development with Hands-on Labs

Class Details Prerequisite skills  
Duration: 40hr
Schedule: Contact for details
Place : Online
Fees: Contact us for details
Instructor: 7 years experienced in Portals & Portlets  
Articles written by the Instructor

  • IBM custom modes (Configure, Edit Defaults)
  • JSF
  • Portlet Service
  • Client-side APIs
  • Dojo
  • Credential Valut Service (Private, Shared, Admin, System)
  • Active Credentials
  • Model SPI
    • Content Model
    • Navigation Model
    • Navigation Selection Model
    • Layout Model
  • Dynamic user Interface APIs
  • Puma APIs
  • Portal JSP tags
  • Theme
  • Skin
  • Visibility rules
  • Composite applications
  • Best Practices

 Hands-on labs
  • Implementing configure mode
  • Implementing Edit_Defaults mode
  • JSF based Portlet
  • Portlet using Dojo widget and Ajax
  • Using private vault slot
  • Using Shared Vault slot
  • Using Admin vault slot
  • Portlet using Client side APIs
  • Portlet using Portlet service
  • Portlet accessing page meta data using Model SPIs
  • Getting user profile using Puma APIs
  • Developing Theme
  • Developing Skin
  • Creating Portlet Service
  • Exploiting Visibility rules