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JSR 286 Portlet Development with Hands-on Labs

Course Description

In this course, you will learn how to design and develop standards based portlets by method of rigorous examples. The course includes hands-on labs and provides samples that ranges from novice level to advanced level. This course can be scheduled and personalized on a case by case basis.

Class Details Prerequisite skills  
Duration: 40hr
Schedule: Contact for details
Place : Online
Fees: Contact us for details
Instructor: 7 years experienced in Portals & Portlets 
Articles written by the Instructor


  • Portal, Portlet, Servlet Vs Portlet
  • JSR 286 major features
  • HelloWorld sample
  • Portlet life cycle
  • Four phases (action, event, render, resource)
  • GenericPortlet & dispatching to four phases
  • PortletConfig, Modes, Portlet URLs, Window states
  • PortletContext & Run time options
  • PortletRequest
  • Parameters, Render parameters, and Public render parameters
  • Portlet Responses
  • Serving Fragments- Resource request
  • Eventing
  • PortalContext
  • Portlet Preferences & Portlet Session
  • Invoking servlets and JSPs
  • Portlet Filters
  • Caching
  • Portlet Applications
  • Portlet JSP tags
  • Recommendations & TIPs

 Hands-on labs
  • Installing NetBeans with Portal plugin/Rational Software Architect
  • Installing Liferay Portal
  • Hello World Portlet
  • Action Request Sample
  • Mulitple Action links with Annotation Sample
  • Render Parameter Link sample
  • Portlet Communication Using Public Render Parameters
  • Portlet Communication using Eventing
  • Generating dynamic image using Resource phase
  • Connecting to portlet using Ajax
  • Using Portlet preferences

 Sample Portlet applications
  • Action Request sample
  • Action Request with Annotations
  • Creating cookie in portlet
  • Eventing (Notification based portlet communication)
  • PortletContex sample
  • PortletConfig sample
  • PortletFilter Sample
  • PortletPreferences sample
  • PortletSession sample
  • PortletRenderParameter sample
  • Request Dispatcher sample
  • Resourcelinks sample
  • ResourceURLAjax
  • ResourceURLImage
  • RuntimeIDs
  • URL Listener
  • UserInformation
  • HelloWorld
  • Public Render Parameters(Sharing navigational state)
  • GetPortletContainerInfo