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Liferay - FAQs and Tips


1. When I generate a theme with SDK plug-in 5.2.2,  it uses  _styled theme as a template. How can I generate a theme based on the classic theme?
You can do this by opening build.xml in the newly created theme and changing the theme.parent as the following
        <property name="theme.parent" value="classic" />

2. How can I change the banner image?
You can change the banner image using control panel->Portal Setting.

3. When a user signs up for a new account, the private pages under Guest community are not visible. How can he access them?
By default, when a user creates a new account, he is not part of Guest community. The public pages of Guest community are accessible to anonymous users also. However, the private pages of Guest community are not visible to even logged-in users.  Use Control Panel->Portal Settings->Default User Associations to add Guest community under Communities. This will allow any signed up user to see privates pages under Guest community.

4. How do I enable Liferay 5.2 to use MySQL?

  1. Create database using create database lportal set utf8.
  2. Set the following in
  3. Open tomcat*\webapps\wol-portlet\web-inf\ and set following properties

5. How do I disable Liferay from opening a new browser window everytime I start the server?
Set following property in with blank value as shown below


6. How do I create a new page which is a copy of an existing page?
After creating new page, there is an option of Copy Page. In this option, select the existing page name. This will create a duplicate page of existing page and the portlet preferences settings are also copied to the new page. After creating the new page, modifying any portlet preference from either pages will not affect the other page.
7. What are the name, value pairs defined in in  Liferay 5.x?
Here is the link that shows property/values with descriptions that Liferay reads from

8. How do I uninstall portlet?
Here are the steps to uninstall portlet.
  1. Remove instance of portlet on all pages
  2. Go to the directory where Tomcat unpacked WAR file(C:\liferay-portal-5.2.2\tomcat-6.0.18\webapps)  and remove the subdirectory of WAR file.


1. The Control Panel->Portal Settings->Default User Associations allows to associate new users  with any community, user group, or roles

2. Liferay defines power user which allows user to create pages and edit pages. To disable any signed up user to be able to create pages and edit pages, remove this role from default associations.

3. To override properties of Liferay, create in <Liferay Home>/WEB-INF/classes directory. For Tomcat, it is located in C:\liferay-portal-5.2.2\tomcat-6.0.18\webapps\ROOT\WEB-INF\classes directory.

4. To hide My Communities community, set following values in